Billing Codes

Billing codes are used to identify and differentiate traffic. 
A billing code can be defined on Sources, which represent inputs to a Broadcaster, and on Targets, which represent outputs from a Broadcaster. A billing code can also be applied to an entire Broadcaster Cluster. When a billing code is defined on a Source or Target, Zixi can track the traffic on that Broadcaster input or output separately from other inputs and outputs on the same Broadcaster. Billing codes can be assigned to standard traffic related to the Source or Target or specifically to auto-pull events (i.e. when a ZEN Master object is automatically transferred to a different Broadcaster to increase efficiency).

Billing codes are created by Zixi personnel on the Zixi Customer Portal for a particular organization. Zixi can create multiple Billing codes for an organization, enabling them to apply different codes to different traffic. Billing codes are password protected and ZEN Master validates each billing code that is used. If you would like to use billing codes in your workflows, please discuss it with your Zixi representative.

Use Cases

Differentiating Between Clients

If you are receiving video content from different contributing clients or sending video content to multiple external organizations, you can designate distinct billing codes for each of your clients. You can then assign the client’s billing code to each Source or Target associated with that client. Your organization will then be able to bill each of their clients according to their usage.

Charging only for Billable Usage

When Zixi traffic is sent between distinct organizations, situations may arise in which the usage of only one of those organizations is billable. For example, if the contributor is using a Zixi Broadcaster to send outputs as if it were a Zixi Feeder, then only the receiving organization should be billed for that traffic. In that case, the receiving organization can request a billing code and assign it to their Targets. They can then ask the contributor to assign the identical billing code to each of the Sources that they are sending. In this way, Zixi will know to bill only the organization that is receiving the traffic.