Access Control

ZEN Master features a multi-tier access control mechanism that enables granular control of the access privileges down to the object level. It manages access to all system objects, including Resources (i.e. Feeders, Broadcaster Clusters, Receivers and Licenses), Sources (i.e. input streams), Adaptive Channels and Pass-Through Channels.

The access control is managed through the following entities:

  • Tags – Each object (Resource, Source, Adaptive Channel, Delivery Channel and SSH Key) is assigned one or more Tags. The assignment of the Tag/s is performed during the creation/configuration of the object. The same Tag can be assigned to multiple objects and several Tags can be assigned to the same object.
  • Roles – A role defines a set of privileges in the system. A role is associated with one particular Tag, enabling access to objects associated with that Tag. The role also designates what actions can be performed on each object type (i.e. Resources, Sources, Adaptive Channels and Pass-Through Channels).
    Actions include:
    • View - the ability to view data from the object.
    • Edit - the ability to edit the object’s configuration
    • Notifications - the ability to receive email notifications/alerts regarding the object. A Tag can be associated with one or multiple roles.
  • Users – A user receives privileges in the system by being assigned one or multiple roles.


To learn more about access control see Account Management.