Health Monitoring

ZEN Master offers the ability to monitor the entire operation, while quickly drilling down to specific network segments, at the stream and device levels. Users can easily manage system health by quickly verifying that all sources are connected and streaming content, as well as view in-depth network and transport (TR101) visualization and history. Health monitoring can be viewed through the screens of the various resources (e.g. Broadcasters, ZECs, Sources, Targets) and through the following views:

  • Dashboard –provides a centralized view of the open issues across all the deployment components, their statuses, and event logs.
  • Maps – provides a geographical view of the deployment using maps. The maps display the location of your physical devices and logical entities, the direction of signal flow, and the operational status of each device and connection.
  • Grids – provides a thumbnail view of the live and a color-coded status of each source, while displaying content quality warnings such as audio clipping, frozen video, and more.
  • Channel view – provides an abstract view of the relationship between Contribution devices (Zixi Feeders or Feeder SDKs integrated into encoders), Zixi Broadcasters, and Zixi-enabled endpoints (e.g., ZECs or IRDs with integrated Zixi SDK).
  • Source view – provides history graphs showing network performance from the Source device to the Broadcaster.
  • Broadcaster view – provides history graphs showing server performance
  • Target view – provides history graphs showing network performance from the Broadcaster to the Target device.
  • Preview with VLC/WebRTC - offers the ability to monitor the stream by previewing it using a local VLC player or using webRTC for playback in the browser.
  • Alerts and notifications - instant alarms and email alerts across contribution or delivery.