ZEN Master is a cloud-based live video orchestration and monitoring control plane that provides a centralized view of the entire Zixi Software Defined Video Platform (SDVP) deployment. With ZEN Master your entire global video delivery network, from acquisition to delivery, is managed from a single pane of glass. You can configure, orchestrate, manage and monitor live broadcast channels at scale across industry protocols, covering an entire supply chain of integrated services and devices.

  • Simple Task Oriented Management - Instead of configuring inputs and outputs on each individual component throughout the entire deployment, ZEN Master abstracts the underlying infrastructure into simple task-oriented processes. For example, instead of configuring input and output streams on independent components for acquisition/aggregation, processing, and distribution, you can simply define a live linear channel, and the entire configuration is setup automatically, including redundant components for ultimate resiliency.
  • End-to-end Orchestration - Once all the resources have been configured, ZEN Master orchestrates all the resources along the path to create an end-to-end live streaming delivery platform. By managing the entire supply chain in one place, ZEN Master enables ongoing monitoring of the channels and the underlying resources. This includes their status, resource consumption levels (e.g. CPU and Memory consumption levels), all the events and errors, and more.
  • High availability – instead of manually configuring redundant components and ensuring a comprehensive end-to-end high-availability setup, ZEN Master automatically takes care of the high-availability of its streaming channels. All you have to do is set up channels and ZEN Master takes care of the rest, enabling automatic failover in case of unavailability, including multi-region deployment architectures.
  • Advanced security - ZEN Master offers advanced security features that ensure privacy and security for multi-tenant deployments. In addition to the security solutions offered by the underlying cloud hosting providers, ZEN Master offers robust yet simple access and permissions management based on Tags. This type of permissions scheme provides granular control on the resource, object (e.g. channels), and action levels (e.g. receive notifications). In addition, the communications between the Zixi Feeder and the ZEN Master service is secured by SSH tunnels.