Centralized Management

ZEN Master makes it easy to manage hundreds of live streams, while supporting any signal paths, including point-to-point, one-to-many, multi-cloud or multi-CDN using a variety of wide variety of industry protocols (e.g., Zixi, RIST, SRT, HLS, RTMP, and others).

Physical resources, such as Zixi Feeders, Zixi Broadcasters, and Zixi Receivers are centrally managed along with the following logical entities:

  • Broadcaster Cluster – a logical entity comprising one or more Zixi Broadcasters for load balancing purposes.
  • Sources – a logical entity that represents a single video content stream coming from a Zixi Feeder or another contribution device. A Source may also consist of multiple physical streams with the same video content, which are combined together for failover purposes.
  • Channels – a logical entity that represents the type of processing, if any, to perform on the video content. The Channel is connected to one or more Sources in a Primary/Backup configuration and, on the other end to one or more Targets.
  • Targets – a logical entity that represents a single video stream from a Channel being distributed to a Zixi Receiver or another endpoint device. A Target can be connected to a single Channel only.

Together these physical and logical entities help create new live channels and spin up required streams on the fly.