Camera Screen

The application Camera screen shows the view of the device camera, and presents several controls for shooting video.


Zoom Control Slider (iOS only)

Slide the silver zoom circle up to zoom in, and down to zoom out.

Camera Flip Button

Tap the camera flip button to switch between the front and the back camera (if one is available).

Lightning Button (Torch Mode)

Tap the lighting icon to turn the cameras flash light on and off.

Record Button

When in ‘Ready’ mode, tap the green circle to enter ‘Shoot’ mode and begin streaming. The circle will turn red.

Tap the red circle to stop shooting, the button will return to green.

Ensure the target settings are correct before shooting. See

Settings Button

Tap the Settings cog-wheel to access the settings page.

If the camera is in Shoot mode, the active stream will not be affected.


The Upload button displays a list of files that have been uploaded, including Store and Forward streams.   

Status Bar

The status bar displays the following statistics and information when the device is in ‘Shoot’ mode

  • Current Stream uptime

  • Connection status

  • Current video Quality

  • Current Video Frame Rate

  • Zoom level (iOS only)

  • Current Video Bitrate

When using a bonded connection (wifi + cellular), click on the Bit-rate label to view the stream statistics.